[MANILA] The Big Binondo Food Trip

Instead of going to the Toy Convention 2013 in MegaMall, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Binondo’s ChinaTown for some good old food tripping. Armed with The BIG Binondo Food Wok Map and 600php, we made our way to ChinaTown.

How to go to Binondo’s Chinatown?

From Taft Avenue:
via PUV: ride a jeep bound to Binondo or Divisoria

via LRT: get off at Carriedo station and walk towards Santa Cruz church going to Ongpin Street

Our first stop is Estero Alley. We ordered some Crispy Frog Legs. It was his first time eating frog legs and I just have to get him to eat it. It wasn’t really that bad. It was a little bit oily and it tastes like chicken wings. The red sauce that went with it was good with just a hint of sweetness.

Crispy Frog Legs

Crispy Frog Legs

We walked along Ong Pin, passing through Santo Cristo de Longos, where Tsinoys pray with their incense. Our next stop, Dong Bei Dumplings. This has always been my favorite dumpling shop in ChinaTown. Dumplings are made by the friendly ates in a table facing the window. When we got there, the place was full and we had to wait for a few minutes before ordering my favorite steamed dumplings with kutchay. They also serve fried dumplings but I like the steamed once better.

Dong Bei Dumpling's Best Steamed Kutchay Dumplings

Dong Bei Dumpling’s Best Steamed Kutchay Dumplings

Wai Ying, also a popular dimsum and congee place, was our next destination. Since Wai Ying opened a branch in Vito Cruz, I still liked going to their Binondo restaurant for that authentic Chinese vibe of the place. We ordered Beef Congee and Hakaw. The congee was good although there were only bits and pieces of beef in it.

Beef Congee from Wai Ying

Beef Congee from Wai Ying

Hakaw from Wai Ying

Hakaw from Wai Ying

Our last stop was Po-Heng Lumpia House hidden along Quentin Paredes Street. I like their fresh lumpia better than the ones sold in Globe Lumpia House in Quiapo. We got our lumpia for free because well, there was a fly in their lumpia sauce. Talk about wanting to vomit after enjoying my lumpia.

Po Heng's Fresh Lumpia

Po Heng’s Fresh Lumpia

After our little adventure in ChinaTown, the boyfriend wanted a kalesa ride. So we rode a kalesa going to Lawton. For 100php, (which I honestly think was quite a rip-off) we enjoyed the pretty yet polluted sights in Manila.


And so, our journey ended. With 600Php in our pockets and Old Manila Walk’s Map, we ate our way to ChinaTown for 450Php.

Travel Expenses- ChinaTown Food Trip

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